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My name is Marly, owner and operator of Body Truing Massage + Movement. I prefer not to speak about myself in the third person, and as this is a one woman show, you’ll be hearing from me directly; when you call to schedule, as you read the information below… this is my life’s work!

And this is Fiona, office manager and official greeter. Fiona was born in Colorado most likely in 2015. She was in foster care for 5 months awaiting the right person. Fiona has a heart condition common in large breed dogs, which made it hard for her to find a furever home. I kept seeing her ridiculous face popping up on Facebook (her foster mom is a friend), and finally I drove up to bring her to live in the desert with me. She’s not a big fan of the hottest months, but does appreciate the weather here most of the year. Her favorite things in life are food, going to the park, and socializing with people, especially kids. Fiona and I keep each other healthy and happy with positive peer pressure. She makes sure that we walk every day, and I make sure she doesn’t eat too much. We make a good team.

I’ve been a licensed and insured massage therapist since 2009.  With every client that I meet I try my best to help them conquer whatever ailment brought them to my office.  Since early on in my career I realized that education is always an integral part of the treatment plan.  In order to identify, fix, and prevent recurrence of a problem we need to learn about the human body; how it works, how to better care for this amazing vessel that carries us through life, and how to use it properly.  My work is so much more than the physical touch therapy I provide.  Of course, massage (manual therapy) is helpful in bringing the body back to health and balance, but education about that body is crucial in maintaining that health.  

When you buy any piece of equipment, be it a chain saw or a cast iron skillet, you also get access to an instruction manual, which includes details for how to use and care for that piece of equipment.  As humans, we aren’t handed a manual for proper use and care of our bodies.  There’s no user manual to inform us that if we learn to listen to our body we can find answers for how to care for it better.  Our bodies are among the most complex and intelligent organisms in the universe.  There is so much that goes into every action or inaction that we take throughout our day, and our body communicates to us constantly.  One of the most obvious forms of communication is pain; telling us that something is damaged or not functioning properly.  This signal is designed to bring attention to a problem so that it can be addressed and fixed or attended to, but by the time there is pain the body has already been sending signals of a problem.  We just don’t know what we should be looking for, and therefore misalignments turn into injury.

Out of a desire to create more effective massage treatments I have continued my education through the years and expanded into movement therapy, and now health and fitness coaching.  I want to share my knowledge and resources, and also provide a structure for my clients to build a whole body approach to wellness.  I want to create a safe environment for anyone to build the mindfulness necessary to communicate with their body in order to live healthier, happier lives, and discover their body’s true potential.

What is ‘Body Truing’?

  • Body: /ˈbädē/ (noun), the physical structure of a person or an animal, including the bones, flesh, and organs.
  • True: /tro͞o/ (verb), to make level, square, balanced, or concentric: bring or restore to a desired mechanical accuracy or alignment.

I regard the human body as the most important tool and asset we have.  Much like an auto mechanic assess and fixes cars, I work with each client to get their most important asset working to their fullest advantage!  While the human body is composed of all the same stuff, each person has lived in their body with a unique set of experiences. Often times unraveling pain and dysfunction in the body is about finding each individual’s balance and alignment.

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