Movement Therapy

I’m not your typical personal trainer.

I like to workshop movement; help clients build the strength, stability, and skills they need to go out into the world and do whatever it is they love to do.

I practice, and teach, movement medicine.

Not sure what that means? Let me explain. I use movement (exercise, sports, dance, etc.) to heal my own body and mind. To me exercise isn’t a punishment, it isn’t grueling; it is a way to recover from the trials and challenges of being alive. There are so many different ways to move a human body, and so many reasons to do so. I used Pilates to recover from two years fighting valley fever. I use weight lifting to combat the negative effects of a connective tissue disorder. I use combat sports to clear my mind, and build confidence in myself.

Naturally, I bring my own personal experience into my approach to teaching. I utilize multiple modalities to create individual programs for my clients. I don’t “put people through workouts,” but rather facilitate a greater understanding of how to live healthily in your body.

When I work with clients my goals are to:

  • teach useful and applicable skills
  • increase body awareness and self compassion
  • decrease risk of injury
  • increase quality of life
  • share tools and knowledge that promote autonomy