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Therapeutic Massage & Sports Massage

Our physical bodies hold a record of our life experiences, both physical and emotional; the conscious and subconscious history of ourselves.  Therapeutic massage can relieve pain, improve function, and help integrate our life experiences into a more balanced body.

My intention, as a touch therapist, is to educate my clients about the human body – what we are made of, and how to care for and maintain this amazing vessel that carries us through life, and to help the body find its way out of dysfunction and realize our individual physical potential free from pain and physical restriction.

I draw upon a variety of manual manipulation techniques, which fall under the scope of practice of licensed massage therapists, such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and sports massage protocols, and create individualized treatment plans for every client.

By increasing your own body awareness and knowledge, you can work with me to create your own path to wellness. I believe I have done well at my job if, over time, you don’t need to see me as often!

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Therapeutic massage

employs the same techniques as any other type of massage (sports, spa, relaxation, etc.) along with trigger point therapy and myofascial release. The difference from one type of massage to another is the purpose, intent, and results.

I utilize the basics of massage therapy with the intent to bring balance and alignment to the physical structures (muscle, connective tissue, fascia) of the human body. The results being healthier tissues, better nerve conductivity, ease of movement, and less pain. These results set my clients up for more healing and healthier living. But I believe this is only the beginning.

I believe massage therapy is the first step toward better health and optimal performance and should be accompanied by healthy nutrition and movement practices (exercise).

The people that seek out my massage services do so because they have a problem; an injury, chronic or acute pain, poor posture, sub-optimal sports performance, etc. Therapeutic massage is the first step to unraveling the dysfunction and misalignment in the body, but only has lasting effects if the root cause of the original dysfunction is addressed. We will work together to find the answers and resources you need to uncover the source and create a plan to restore balance.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is widely misunderstood. A massage therapist who works on athletes is not necessarily a sports massage therapist.

Sports massage has several applications: pre event, post event, training, and rehabilitative. Rehabilitative sports massage is simply therapeutic massage applied to an athlete to bring balance and alignment back after an injury or to correct long term compensation patterns. Pre and post event sports massage is executed at the site of a sports event directly before and after a sports event. The techniques employed are strictly to improve athletic performance and speed muscle recovery. Training sports massage is used after compensation patterns, injury, and dysfunction have been addressed; in between sports events, or in the off season to prepare the athlete and increase athletic performance. Training sports massage is maintenance.

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Thai Massage

Thai massage is practiced on a floor mat with the client wearing comfortable clothing to allow for free, comfortable movement. The practitioner uses hands, feet, elbows, knees, etc. to apply techniques including deep compression, vibration and tapotement, range of motion and nourishing stretches. Thai massage sessions are tailored to each individual, but differ a bit from my other services as it always includes the entire body, rather than just a specific focus (as I often provide with sports massage). Thai massage sessions are therefore offered as 90 minute or 120 minute sessions.

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